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Corporate purpose and legislation


  • Corporate purpose:

    • The execution of all activities related to planning, programming, design and research, development cooperation, training, consultancy, construction, exploitation, maintenance and management of water resources and services in all phases of the water management cycle, from production, acquisition and allocation, treatment, distribution of water flows, to the evacuation, spill, sanitation, purification, disposal and recycling of liquid waste and sludge. The commercialisation of all those products and services may establish and develop as many industries and businesses deemed instrumental, complementary or of secondary importance to the related activities.
    • Specifically, within the limits of the activities mentioned in the preceding paragraph, the provision of public services of drinking water supply, sewage system and wastewater treatment for all municipalities that are partners, as well as participation in the coordination and / or provision of drinking water supply, sanitation and sewage treatment in an area where such actions extend beyond the municipal boundaries but the municipalities that are partners, by agreement, delegation or authorization of the entity, local, regional or national, have the powers conferred on it by the legislation in force.

The Company may perform activities that are part of the corporate purpose, in full or in part, indirectly, either through shareholdings or participations in societies or legal entities with analogous purpose.