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  • Comparison of conventional technologies and a Submerged Membrane Photocatalytic Reactor (SMPR) for removing trihalomethanes (THM) precursors in drinking water treatment plants

    Descripción: This work evaluates the feasibility of several technologies for the removal of trihalomethanes (THM) precursors, usually humic substances found in real surface water, which are transformed into these potential carcinogens (THMs) during the further disinfection by chlorination. The aim was to compare, an Activated Carbon Bed (ACB), an Ozonation Reactor (OR) and a Submerged Membrane Photocatalytic Reactor (SMPR) with TiO2/UV in terms of reduction efficiency of these THM precursors after chlorination. Taguchi’s parameter design methodology was selected to study the most relevant factors that might influence the removal of THM precursors with each technology keeping the number of experiments at minimum.

    Autores: V. Reguero(1), R. López-Fernández(1), J. Fermoso(1), O. Prieto(1), P. Pocostales(2), R. González (3), R. Irusta(4), S. Villaverde(1,2).

    (1) CARTIF Centro Tecnológico

    (2) Abengoa Water

    (3) EMASESA

    (4) Instituto de Tecnologías de Producción Avanzada. Escuela de Ingenieros Industriales Universidad de Valladolid

    Lugar de publicación: Revista Desalination.

    Fecha/Edición: 330 (2013) 28-34

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