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Water Quality

18458684_lRegarding the Urban Water Management Cycle, its Quality Control, constitutes one of the main concerns for the company.

One of our basic objectives is to reach the highest quality of supplied water and minimise the discharge impact on public waterways. To that end, together with the modernisation of the treatment sites and the continuous improvements in the processes of purification and treatment, EMASESA has quality laboratories to analyse Water in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO-17025 and Certificates for sample collection and Control Management of Water for Public Consumption and Continental Water in accordance with UNE-EN ISO 9001.

In order for EMASESA, to complete these quality controls, it has established a Water Quality Surveillance and Control program that covers the entire Urban Water Management Cycle, from its capture for the supply until its return once used and treated.

In relation to potable water supply, a Surveillance and Control of Clean Drinking Water Quality program, is available, approved by the Regional Department of Health, which constitutes the following programmes:

  • Aquatic Ecosystems Surveillance and Control involved in the Water Supply in Seville and its areas of influence

  • It consists of the quality control of source water (reservoirs), inspections, sampling and weekly analytical control in the direct capture reservoirs. This programme offers an Early Warning System with daily monitoring of the change of aspects and other observable matters (Surveillance) and «online» meters of the relevant limnological parameters.

  • Surveillance programme and potable water quality control

  • It integrates what is required by the legal standard (RD 140/2003) with controls in the Water Treatment Centres, distribution deposits, supply networks and water consumption.

    Number of samples Number of analysis
    2011 2012 2011 2012
    Supply system (capture, treatment and distribution) 10.060 10.327 126.545 131.392

    Surveillance System and Quality Control: Year 2012

    Number of analysis distribution Control analytical load
    Source Water 33.993 26%
    Treatment 51.428 39%
    Supply Network 45.971 35%
    Management indicators Samples taken / Minimum samples required Compliance (SINAC)
    Supply, treatment and distribution system 1,58% 100%
    Year 2014 Month: August
    Levels of free chlorine in mg/L 0,5
    PH units 7,9
    Turbidity in NTU 0,07
    Hardness in ºF 12,0

    Mineral Characteristics of supply water in comparison to some Bottled Waters

    Saline parameters Units Emasesa(1)
    Conductivity µS/cm at 20ºC 25,5
    Chlorides mg/L 13,7
    Sodium mg/L 8,1
    Sulphates mg/L 23,6
    Calcium mg/L 31,2
    Magnesium mg/L 10,4
    Bicarbonates mg/L 120
    Dry Residue mg/L 179

    294 204
    13.2 4.8
    16.4 17.3
    38.5 27.2
    9.7 8.8
    149 105

    (1) Supply network: Average values corresponding to the month August 2014.

    Year 2013
    Levels of free chlorine in mg/L 0,6
    PH units 7,9
    Turbidity in NTU 0,36
    Hardness in ºF 10,8

    Saline parameters Units Emasesa(2)
    Conductivity µS/cm at 20ºC 243
    Chlorides mg/L 13,9
    Sodium mg/L 9,7
    Sulphates mg/L 28,4
    Calcium mg/L 28,2
    Magnesium mg/L 9,1
    Bicarbonates mg/L 101
    Dry Residue mg/L 170

    Brand A Brand B Brand C
    530 221
    14,3 4,5 7,4
    6,5 6,0 5,1
    30,7 22,8 21,3
    79,3 29,7 59,4
    23,1 9,4 25,6
    309 284

    (2) Supply network: Average values corresponding to the year 2013.