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  • Overall monitoring of hydraulic performance in a residential building

    Description: Research paper made on the project called “Ordenación y valoración de estrategias orientadas a la progresiva eliminación de los depósitos de almacenamiento de los usuarios en los abastecimientos de agua urbanos” (Organisation and evaluation of strategies towards a progressive removal of storage tanks of individuals in the urban water supply). Its main purpose is the study of different configurations of general installation in residential buildings and the effects caused in the public supply network. This project aims to analyse possible solutions for the removal of atmospheric tanks indirectly, and also derived from known problems associated with them, especially the ones derived from the impossibility to ensure hygiene and sanitation conditions in the sites that use them, and thus guarantee optimal service conditions to different customers.

    Authors: Camilo Veiga (EMASESA), Javier Soriano (Instituto Tecnológico del Agua -Water Technology Centre- Polytechnic University of Valencia).

    Place of communication: XXX Technical Workshops AEAS, Seville.

    Date: 09-11/06/2010

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