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Public-Private Partnership

portada recursoThe collaborative agreements signed in the field of PPPs aims to contribute the expansion in the areas where opportunities for growth at municipal level are perceived.

It also pursues modernisation, improvement, efficiency and expenditure control from municipal companies and Seville local administration, through the development of actions and promotion of specific projects.

Within the framework of this agreement, different activities were designed, geared towards boosting development, innovation, and modernisation. Its purpose is to design a new city model and the management of sustainable public services based on new technologies; also to place Seville as the reference and model in the Smart Cities context.

Within the framework of this agreement, development of actions are expected to enable Seville to be positioned as a reference in the Smart Cities model. Therefore, they are open to proposals which promote innovation, efficiency and modernisation in the context of city and management of sustainable public services.

The Council of Seville through Seville Corporation for Municipal Enterprises A.I.E. (CEMS), together with Fedeme (Federation of Metal Employers) and other entities, have created this AEI with the aim to promote development in the electric vehicle sector in Seville. This initiative seeks to give continuity to the actions already launched through Movele Plan, which involved the installation of over 75 recharging points through the Energy and Sustainability Seville Agency.

The AEI Cluster Electric Vehicle also have the aim of the Business Cooperation and promotion of collaborative projects between agents of this activity. It also intends to create and consolidate the image and position of the Clean Transportation sector (in particular to Electric Vehicle) in Seville, Andalusia as well as national and internationally. The purpose is to contribute to promotion of research, development and innovation of this sector, supporting, in fact, the promotion of economical, social and technological development in Seville and Andalusia.

This will include a series of actions and initiatives, both public and private, linked to electric mobility field. This would lead the city to be part of a new concept of sustainable mobility.

  • Demonstrate the technical and energetic feasibility in urban environments through the advancement of collaborative research, development and innovation.
  • Involve business of the private sector in the introduction of the clean vehicle, promoting the cooperation between the public and private sector for management and promotion of common interests, in particular, joint participation in European projects.
  • Serve as a basis for promoting policy measures that favour this technology.

WOPs programmes are promoted by financial multilateral entities that favour advanced knowledge, extensive experience and technology enforced in developing countries whose level and capacities do not guarantee a sufficient development.
The Metropolitan Company of Water in Seville (EMASESA) has conducted WOPs studies over the past few years funded in all cases by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). Among them we highlight the following:

  • Tirta Raharja company, water service in Bandung city, in Java (Indonesia) regarding water loss control, leakages, non-revenue water, water meters and metrology.
  • Tirta Dharma company provides the water service to the city of Surakarta (Indonesia) regarding sanitation and purification management.
  • Makassar WOP, is a cooperation project in which a significant transfers of skills and knowledge, regarding the improvement of sanitation in four Indonesian cities, will be developed.
Through WOPs resources, the Asian Development Bank funds counselling to municipal water service of any Asian country. It aims to improve their services laying the foundations for cooperation creating a Diagnosis and Work Plan about a specific area, including on-site visits and monitoring by means of implementation indicators.

This method of working, Water Operator Partnership (WOP), allows a very effective transfer of knowledge. Consequently, an increase in quality service is obtained in the cities that received this specific training. This methodological system develops a efficient channel of support to third countries in the area of cooperation.

Cities Open Challenge is a programme of business collaboration that promotes meetings between representatives of cities, innovation companies and research centres in order to provide innovative solutions to the cities involved. That way performing their services can be transformed and improved.

The Council of Seville through its Environmental Delegation and Seville Corporation for Municipal Enterprises (CEMS) welcomes this initiative and provides institutional and operational support for channelling entrepreneurs and research groups in the city.

Seville has focused on the challenge of cleaning sector, with an indication of priorities to be resolved in this presentation ceremony.

INERCIA is a partnership promoted by the associations of enterprises Ametic, Aedive, Afbel, Anfalum, Ademi, Sercobe and Elige. It is open to the participation of other associations at national level that add value to the concept of Smart City.

Alianza INERCIA stems from the need by the Associations of Enterprises and their associated members to seek synergies with a view to creating common projects focused on the development of the smart cities market in collaboration with Councils and Institutions involved in this field.

This partnership operates through working groups coordinated by each of the Founder Member Associations. Elige assumes the leadership role in the working group devoted to smart public services. It was named GT Smart Public Services.

GT Smart Public Services of Alianza Inercia is the discussion board and project proposals related to the development and deployment of smart public services in cities. It is open to participation from any company associated in any of Alianza member Associations.

GT Smart Public Service has the following goals:

  • Define within the Public Services sector those initiatives and projects that are susceptible of application in urban areas to advance the Smart City concept.
  • Monitor conceptual progress, technological development and projects deployment related to Smart Public Services in cities nationally and internationally.
  • Establish communication and collaborative channels with Bodies and Institutions that promote smart public services in cities.
  • Promote the development of business models associated with Smart Public Services allowing the advancement of initiatives.