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Public-Public Partnership

portada recursoSome clear advantages of framework or collaborative agreements signed by companies and organisations which form part of the public sector is that it can be perceived by the business sector as a sign of strength which ensure the continuity of their policies and strategies.

Moreover, such cooperation can increase budgetary feasibility of initiatives and accelerate, in short, the development and execution of larger-scale projects.

Public-Public Partnership also approaches innovative projects promoting the exchange and reuse of resources and providing technical solutions between different areas of the public administration. This approach raises interesting saving expectations for the proper administration and ultimately, for society as a whole.

Council of Seville, through Seville Corporation for Municipal Enterprises and specially EMASESA, is highly involved in these initiatives, participating in national and international networks where regulations are discussed and news and results are shared.

Under the framework agreement signed 16 January 2013 by and Council of Seville for the performance of actions in the field of «Smart Cities», EMASESA presented the project «Business Intelligence System. Pilot Phase”, that the 21 March 2013 was approved by the Monitoring Committee in order to be tendered and executed in scope of this agreement.

Transformation of information into creation of value is one of the Smart City main challenges. Therefore, the implementation of a strategic solution of Business Intelligence in EMASESA can be the point of reference and the core base of a Global and Integrated Platform for Business Intelligence for other related companies of CEMS Corporation and clearly extended to all municipal bodies.

This first pilot phase of the project «Business Intelligence System» consists of two modules (financial and commercial) that generates significant savings, management improvement and efficiency, and it will lead to significant improvements in public services. This phase provides different data entries with coordination and transformation allowing management improvement, more transparency and control in the public sector. It also allows informing all groups of interests in a special way, helping to improve their management efficiency and saving a resource as important as water.

This project, estimated to last a year, with a initial investment budget of 327.167€ (including IVA), is financed 80% by (261.733.6€).

In this scenario, the Council of Seville and the Seville Corporation for Municipal Enterprises signed 16 January 2013 with Red. es a collaborative agreement for the establishment, implementation and exploitation of the test platform and the innovation laboratory for developing the internet of the future in the public services of Seville.

FI-WARE is a research platform, supported through the seventh EU framework programme, that allows developing proposals for improvement of the public services through Internet. The FI-WARE project is formed by 158 organisations and companies, 18 academic institutions from 23 countries. It has a global budget of 600 millions Euro (300 European Funds and 300 Private Funds).

Sevilla holds one of the European nodes of the FI-WARE project. It intends to define a new model of intelligent city. It acts as a catalyst to attract national and international developers that collaborate with local entrepreneurs creating a new generation of applications that uses the city information, made available through the platform and allowing to improve the public services.

The importance that this platform is installed in Seville lies in the fact that researchers of internet applications, supported by the EU, will need to carry out tests therefore, more investments in Research, development and innovation will be available in our city. Seville will become a reference and a sign of Internet new technologies development in Europe, as well as an ecosystem of experimentation of those applications and services.

Coinciding with the opening of the data centre of Seville Node, the 17 and 18 March training and coaching sessions were held on FI-WARE technology organised by the Council,, Telefónica and Eticom together with Telefónica I+D.

The aim of this event was to make known to SMEs, researchers and developers the platform possibilities and the usage of open data of the city of Seville published in the platform in order to develop new applications in order to provide a better service to the community.

Over 200 people attended the seminars in Seville and 50 in the Universities of Málaga and Santander. Furthermore, supported by the excellences of emerging technologies, it was broadcast live via video streaming and social networks. It should be highlighted that the hashtag #FIWARESevilla was trending topic, 857 conversations were created and they were answered live from the queries received on Internet. The second day, counselling and couching sessions were delivered to twenty companies. The ideas presented and the level of knowledge of this technology by the attendees were highly valued.

Building on the momentum of these workshops, we collaborated in the event HackForGood the 4 and 5 April. It took place simultaneously in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Bilbao, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Gijón, Valencia and Valladolid. It was a competition that aimed to create technological applications in order to solve social challenges related to social innovation, education and employment. So the challenge was set by CEMS to select the most innovative application that use FI-WARE platform and that provide solutions to improve local public services.

We accept the new challenge of organising an institutional event the 16 and 17 June of this year that will not only offer information but also demonstrations, programming sessions, presentations, round tables and a programming hackathon.