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Corporate Social Responsibility

Nowadays, EMASESA, as a public entity responds to what is demanded by our stakeholders: a product and a service that exceeds the quality required. They are developed in terms of environmental sustainability criteria: environmentally friendly, on the basis of equality and security for all employees, implement innovative methods enhancing effectiveness and efficiency of their processes and the social participation on their environment.

EMASESA CSR commitments have been endorsed in the implementation, integration and certification of the the Management Systems through some actions: quality of service for its customers, preservation of the environment, occupational health and safety of its employees, research, technological development and innovation.

EMASESA works towards a social responsibility, understood not as an end in itself but as an ethical style of working and behaviour of all staff. This makes our organisation enjoy a high reputation within our society.

This ethical behaviour can be seen through our adhesion to the United Nations World Pact since 2008.

All this, in accordance with the strategy of the company based on:

  • Mission
  • Development of a public business activity in all areas of water management cycle through the provision of a quality public service to society, with the maximum efficiency of all employees and performance management standards that allow sustainable development.

  • Vision
  • Being a public company of reference articulated by the following principles:

    • Ongoing improvement in the effectiveness of the organisation: pursuing the satisfaction of the current and future needs of our customers and shareholders, the professional development of the staff and promoting innovation for the benefit of our society.

    • Effectiveness in resources management, in terms of sustainability criteria: ensuring the required quality of drinking water supply, preserving the reservoirs in good ecological condition, optimizing energy self-sufficiency, steming from positive environmental externalities, reducing the environmental impact caused by operations and finally returning the water back in a condition that does not affect the receiving environment, preserving the health of society.

    • Cooperation and coordination with administrations, institutions and organisations in any field in all activities relating to the water management cycle.

  • Values
  • • Equality, transparency and business ethics.
    • Commitment to sustainability and adaptability.
    • Creativity and innovation.
    • Leadership.
    • Customer orientation.
    • Result orientated.
    • Quality and Prevention.
    • Professional development and involvement of employees.
    • Public nature of the company.
    • Participation and social commitment.

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