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Our commitment to our employees:

This plan includes a monitoring process following the incorporation of new employees within the Company, a promotion or a change of position. The main target is to asses the level of integration and possible training needs.

The company periodically develops a training plan for their staff. It reflects the training needs, per units and is specific to each Department, and the training activities. It applies transversely to the whole the Company, structured according to the Organisational Chart, valid during the Detection of Needs process.

EMASESA, through specific agreements, collaborates with Universities, Business Schools and other educational institutions on the admission of students in the company Internship Programme. Its aimed at those taking part to develop, in a professional environment, the acquired knowledge in their academic training as well as facilitate their access to the labour market.

It comprises the management of queries and petitions from active and retired employees regarding personal matters.

The plan aims to protect and effectively apply the principle of equal treatment of men and women within the company. It guarantees same entry and professional development opportunities at all levels and promotes a business culture based on effective equality.
In the context of the conciliation compromise, the Company sets out important measures guaranteeing a real reconciliation of personal life with work such as, flexible working hours, reduction in working hours to care for children and the extension of allowances associated with maternity and paternity.

The company has established an award that recognises the activities developed in an area of the Company that contributes significantly in the establishment of efficient preventive systems, their integration to daily activities and the promotion of preventive culture.

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