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Energy production

EMASESA, being aware of the importance of natural resources, since its foundation has searched for a way to harness the power generated in different processes of water supply management and sanitation.

As part of this commitment, EMASESA produces electric energy in Mini Hydroelectric Plants, Congeneration Plants and Photovoltaic Panels.

Energy production and consumption data are recorded in the Water Energy Balance.

Energía hidroeléctrica

Hydroelectric Energy

Hydroelectric Energy

Over half of the energy produced by EMASESA comes from the exploitation of hydraulic resources. The production of this energy is heavily dependent on the registered rain-gauge condition.

EMASESA takes advantage of waterfalls by using three turbines, with a total power of 11,3 Mw They are located in mini hydroelectric power plants placed in the reservoirs de Minilla, Aracena and Zufre.

Cogeneración con biogas

Biogas cogeneration

Biogas cogeneration

Waste water and rainwater purification are done in Water Treatment Plants.

The process is completed by the anaerobic fermentation of sludge, from which biogas with large amounts of methane is obtained. This can be applied for obtaining heat and producing electric energy through the use of specific engines. EMASESA has energy production by cogeneration in four Water Treatment Plants: EDAR Copero, EDAR Tablada, EDAR San Jerónimo and EDAR Ranilla.

Their input in electric energy production accounts for  over half of the energy consumed in the Waste Water Treatment Plants.

Energía fotovoltáica

Photovoltaic Energy

Photovoltaic Energy

EMASESA has photovoltaic energy installations, with a total power rating of 1MW, taking advantage of compatible spaces that serve other purposes. These installations use panels with devices for solar tracking therefore improving their performance.

They contribute approximately3 % of the production of energy with its own resources. They are installed in the premises of Copero Waste Water Treatment Plant y en la Carambolo Water Treatment Centre.