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Energy Saving and Efficiency. Trends

EMASESA has put in place a system that optimises the use of energy through identification, analysis, parameterisation and action on energetic elements that have a direct impact on water management cycle.

Knowing the energy efficiency degree of each process allows to develop initiatives and actions that improve consumption, savings or lead to greater and better energy production.

Savings measures or improvement in energy efficiency Projected saving

High performance engines

Substitution of petroleum derivatives by natural gas

  • Reduction of energy loss by over 40%
  • Thermal energy saving of more than 5%.
  • Savings in electric energy produced by pumps

Installation of frequency converters

Efficient lighting

  • Electricity saving of more than 30%
  • Na vapour lamps with high pressure reach savings of 40% against Hg vapour

Heat recovery in processes that dissipate high level

Thermal insulation in equipments, components and buildings

Instrumentation, automation and equipment control

  • Reductions of 10% can be achieved
  • Savings in fuel between 3 and 8%
  • Electricity savings can reach between 6 and 10%

Implementation of cogeneration systems

  • Energy performance can increase to 90%

Use of new technologies in climate control systems

  • Use of INVERTER technology

Integration of processes

  • Very wide ranges, savings between 3 and 20%

Increase in energy self-sufficiency

  • Energy production by own resources