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Water-Energy Balance

The energy impact on the supply and sanitation costs require an understanding of:

  • Theoretical consumptions required by each equipment involved.
  • Reference value established in similar equipments.
  • Real value of those consumptions.
  • The differential obtained from the reference value and how efficient or inefficient the equipments and processes are.

As such, energy CONSUMPTION PROFILES have been created in each installation in order to identify and estimate all possibilities and opportunities in energy saving. They are fundamentally obtained from these two parameters:

  • ENERGY EFFICIENCY INDEX, the ratio between the real or estimated consumption in a facility and its reference consumption, taking that information from an equivalent facility.
  • The range of MINIMUM AND MAXIMUM consumptions is obtained from a comparative analysis of other companies and institutions within the sector.

Water- Energy balance 2013

Balance Hidrico-Energético 2013

Legend: Water- Energy balance 2013