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Conservation of water resources

embalseThe reservoirs used by EMASESA to keep water reserves also work as natural ecosystems which condition the purification process (that varies according to the time of the year, degree of eutrophy, presence of wanted phytoplankton and so on) and makes continuous monitoring necessary both of the water characteristics and the environmental accidents found in the basin. In other words, it is about preserving the good ecological quality of water as established by the Water Framework Directivea.

The knowledge EMASESA gained from aquatic ecosystems present in the water supply arose from surveillance activities that have taken place since 1976. . Implementation of the programme «Natural resource vigilance present in the water supply in Seville and its metropolitan area» was initiated in 1998. Today, it is fully consolidated and operational.

One of the primary target is to guarantee good quality water at origin at any time and therefore, facilitating its treatment. This is not only from an economic point of view but also contributes to an efficient and sustainable use of water resources.

Annual data of Conservation of water resources can be found in the CSR report