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Impact on global change

Huerto solar

Huerto solar

In the urban water cycle, if the water is the raw material, the energy would be the element that goes through and unifies the different stages of the cycle. The rational use of energy and the introduction of clean technologies in order to compensate for the energy consumption have been intensively developed in recent years as part of an ambitious plan, aiming to achieve self-sufficiency.

EMASESA has different systems for producing energy, which combined with the efforts to achieve savings in consumption make an impact in the Water and Energy Balance.

Nowadays, a change of culture is promoted within the company through dissemination activities of good practices and environmental signalling in the field of energy. These awareness-raising efforts are carried out through meetings, notices, work place messages through computers, Employee Portal and with the distribution of the Basic Environmental Management Manual of EMASESA within the company.

Energy consumption is strongly associated with the increase of greenhouse gases emissions. Nowadays, there is no specific regulatory obligations imposed on EMASESA to take the GHG emissions inventory but knowing and estimating these emissions are the first steps to be able to reduce our impact on global change.

EMASESA EMASESA took the greenhouse gas inventory in accordance with the methodology of GHG Protocol (“The Greenhouse Gas Protocol”) and the norm ISO 14064, including all workplaces and company infrastructures as well as the following process: abstraction, adduction, purification, distribution, sanitation, treatment, sludge valuation and those related to management and support.