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The Environmental Management System, in accordance with standard UNE-EN ISO 14001, has been implemented in EMASESA since 2007. The scope of the certificate currently covers the activities taking place in the working places of Carambolo Water Treatment Centre and EMASESA Sludge Composting Plant:

  • Capture, adduction, purification and water packaging for public consumption; analytical control of drinking water, biological monitoring for waste water and control of discharges.
  • Energy production of hydraulic origin.
  • Sludge valuation through direct use in agriculture and the production of composted sludge and compost.
  • Organisation of environmental visits in the the company’s installations.

AENOR, as a member of IQNet (Internacional Certificaction Network), issues together with their own registration certificates the IQNet certification. It is a multinational and has high international recognition.

The obtention of this certification allows members of the network to recognise the certificates given by AENOR to EMASESA.