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Training consultancy

The process of updating professional competences, understood as the set of knowledge, professional skills and attributes necessary for the appropriate performance of each employee at their workplace. This is carried out mainly with the development of the Annual Training Plan. We believe that investing in quality training is essential for the businesses’ success. This is implied by increasing the levels of competence in order to reach quality provision of services.

 The Training Department of EMASESA applies its experience of more than 15 years for the benefit of your company, performing the complete Training Cycle for your employees.

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The Water Training Centre designs, teaches and manages Training Plans to companies that required them, having previously adapted the needs of each recipient.

 The Water Training Centre offers comprehensive consultancy services for the training improvement of their professionals, through:

  • Detection of training needs
  • Development of training plans
  • Development and implementation of training plan
  • Assessment of the development of training action
  • Assessment, monitoring and proposals for training improvement
  • Design and delivery of training actions tailor made to your specific needs, for your personnel in exclusivity and held at your own facilities

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Contact us and we will advise you of a training management plan tailored to your needs.